Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun with Random Character Generators

This is Bang, and he conjures shotguns. I got the character concept from The assignment we had was to find a character description and make a visual representation of it using the random generators on that site. There are some pretty 'interesting' ones. Hope you enjoy!

These are some thumbnails I did in order to find a good composition. These were a lot of fun to scribble out.

The Devil's Tower

This is a pagoda I made in Maya 2010. It's meant to house a terrible monster inside, hence the hex spells all over the exterior.

Asian Dragon

Hurray, it's about time I broke in this page. Anyway, here's an Asian dragon that I painted to get some practice in. I used a lot of other illustrations as an example and I'm pretty excited about all the new tricks I learned in doing so. Perhaps there will be more to come later. At any rate, enjoy!